Scheduling & Pricing


Acupuncture treatments are available by appointment. A typical session usually lasts about an hour, the first visit which includes the initial consultation may take longer. Appointments are available:

Green Roads Acupuncture (B-line trail office)

Monday through Friday 9:30am – 2pm

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The cost for an acupuncture treatment is $70. On the first visit there is an initial consultation fee of $35. So the first visit is $105 and subsequent visits are $70.

How many treatments?:

The number of treatments necessary to achieve optimal results many vary greatly from patient to patient. Some problems resolve quickly and it may only take 2-3 visits. Other issues may be more complex and take longer to resolve. Typically acupuncture works best with a series of treatments. For most patients, we start off with weekly treatments and as the patient improves, we will stretch the appointments further apart. At some point, the acupuncturist and the patient will decide on either a maintenance plan or “call as needed”.


Some insurance plans cover acupuncture and some do not. Each plan varies. The patient is responsible to pay for acupuncture at the time of service. If we learn that your insurance covers acupuncture, then we will proceed accordingly.

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